The hidden comfort in 70% of new homes

What’s quiet, keeps you both cold and hot and you can hardly see? Nope, it’s not a knock knock joke, we’re talking about ducted ventilation systems. Air conditioning and heating have come a long way since those big obtrusive wall units. Now you can get a whole house ventilation system with heating and cooling that can be completely concealed and also quiet.

Ducted ventilation is fast becoming standard in new builds, so much so that Energy Recovery Systems are installing them in over 70% of our clients’ houses as a dual air conditioning and heating system.

With most new houses being double-glazed windows to retain heat, the warm air has nowhere to go, which is where the ducted ventilation system comes into play. It pulls in the heat then regulates and circulates it throughout the house to your desired hot or cold temperature, all controlled via a handy remote. And because it’s working with the existing heat and keeps a steady temperature, it’s highly energy efficient and won’t put a drain on your power consumption.

It’s a bloody clever system and what our clients tend to like most is that it’s all hidden from sight except for a few discreet vents. Ducted ventilation really goes hand in glove with a new house and for a small investment you can maximise your indoor comfort all year round without the need for additional heating.

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