Quality build and professional management

We are a retired couple who planned to downsize our Northshore property and build on a lifestyle block with our son and daughter-in-law. Council rules dictated construction of a minor dwelling only.

After considering and viewing a number of other building companies open homes we came across an advert from Maddren Homes for the building of minor dwellings. They had a minor dwelling show home on site at their Kumeu Head Office which we were able to view. We were impressed by both the price, design and quality of this building.

Their Building Consultant also took us through recent plans of other Minor dwellings they had completed or were under construction. Eventually were able to view a similar dwelling to what we wanted,being constructed.

We chose Maddren because we considered they could build a quality home within our budget and to our desired time frame.

We found the Maddren construction to be a fairly painless process as they took us through each phase of the planning and building process. A consultant was available to advise us with the often difficult decisions such as colour schemes. A construction supervisor was assigned to our build who we could contact if required, at any time.
All the Maddren staff dealt with we found to be friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Our home was completed by the planned due date and without any significant rectification issues.
We have no hesitation in recommending Maddren Homes to other customers who are looking for a quality build and professional management of their project.

Ron and Adele

Preferred suppliers impress

Dear Rodger,

We've actually lived in our new house for nearly two weeks now and right from the moment we managed to sit down after a hurried move, we felt perfectly at home. We're still in the process of unpacking and finding out what goes where, and expect it will take a few weeks yet to sort it all out.

We've come a long way since we met you at Kumeu when you opened up the show home, (closed that day), gave us a tour and convinced us that Maddren could help us achieve our goal of building a small house in our garden. I'm sure we told you that you were the last call on the last day of trying to find a solution to the problem. We were about to pull the plug on the whole idea but fate took a hand. We knew we were on the right track when Stuart turned up at 82b a couple of days later and started the process, eventually going so far as to introduce us to the ASB when our own bank turned us down for a loan.

We also knew ours wasn't the easiest of sites and admit that we had a few misgivings when we saw the size of the hole for the drainage/sewer line and even more so when a huge chunk of the road was dug up to get to the manhole. Surprisingly, the neighbours didn't lynch us, especially when the water main was pierced, then right on Christmas the work was finished and everyone admired our super new retaining wall.

The heavy machinery started work on 17th November I think, and from then on the sun shone for weeks — no rain to speak of until we had a roof. We had the privilege of sitting in our lounge, watching our house being built from the slab up, which was fascinating and instructive, with bronzed, bare-chested builders all over the place obviously enjoying their work, serenading us with ... to be kind, gusto.

The best part was when the scaffolding was taken down and we could see the house properly; it looked very stylish and sat well on the section. We assumed completion was in sight. Not so! The construction gods are obviously as mean as the golf gods — don't get ahead of yourself or they'll smack you down in an instant. What went wrong? Never mind, it doesn't matter now.

Thinking back over the whole process, we were impressed with the preferred suppliers, who were all courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. The end results are very satisfying although we found it really difficult to imagine the finished job at the time of making decisions.


Your staff, too, were always so cheerful and friendly, even though we must have driven them nuts at times: Gary was patience itself when we hadn't a clue what he was talking about, and told me he liked feijoas when I threatened to pelt him with them; Jacqui always on the ball, Jo on the phone chasing people for us, Janine never missing a beat with the invoices; Jake, in control and always keeping us informed, not to mention yourself when we got tied up in facts, figures and schedules.

We haven't actually paid for the house yet — still waiting for the land titles to come through. The family who bought our old house were the first to see it 2 hours after it went on the market, and though we were a bit nervous about the long settlement time, fate worked in our favour again. It wasn't plain sailing for them either, but we're all in now, and happy, and three very small boys have certainly woken up the neighbourhood.

I'm sorry this is such a long letter, but after nearly 18 months of association with the Maddren family, a line or two doesn't fit the bill and, besides, your websites aren't responding. Thanks to you all for getting us across the line with your expertise and good humour; we really do appreciate all you did for us and after 43 years in 82b it's amazing how much we don't miss it and how much we are enjoying our new place. Many thanks for the gift basket — who knew that Alan was crying out for a new pepper mill? It goes beautifully with the kitchen. He will appreciate the tea-towels too!!

Daphne and Alan, Birkenhead

Our home is even better than we imagined

We have completed and moved into our new home, built by Maddren Homes, the whole experience from the day we went to the Millwater show home and met Alex and her enthusiasm to take what we had dreamed of for years and turn it into reality finally got us over the line. The entire process from design through to completion has gone incredibly smoothly and this is down to Maddren Homes having excellent relationships with all their contractors and clear communication through out. Everyone we met on site was friendly, knowledgeable and very engaged with the process of completing a home to a very high standard and within budget.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice to engage Maddren Homes to make our dream come true, in fact our home is even better than we imagined it would be

David and Darren, Puhoi

We became part of the Maddren ‘family’

We have just finished building with Maddren homes in the Taupaki area. We could not recommend them highly enough! Seriously, go and meet them tomorrow if you are thinking of building in Auckland. You will not be disappointed. We found the entire process ran smoothly, we were kept well informed and consulted every step of the way. Everyone on staff who we met on Rodgers team from Nicolle our first point of contact, the office staff, architect, consultants, builders, tradies and our awesome site supervisor Shaun have been professional, friendly and available to help as needed. We felt that we became part of the Maddren ‘family’ during the build, it was personal and everything we could have hoped for.

From the moment that we walked into the Maddren show home in Kumeu we were impressed by the workmanship and high quality finishing and our own home has lived up to this initial perception. The high quality of our build is everything we expected and the whole process ran to time and budget. We love our new home. If you are looking for an innovative and experienced firm to build your new home we suggest you phone Maddren. Thanks team for building us our perfect family home

Lexi and Gareth

Overcoming obstacles

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts regarding our Maddren Home in Stillwater. As you are aware we had some technical obstacles to overcome, but with your knowledge and guidance, we managed to complete our dream home.

I would recommend anybody looking to have a new build designed and built, consider what Tony and his team have to offer at Maddren Homes.


Locally owned business with a tight-knitted team

We consider ourselves very lucky to have selected Maddren Homes to build our home from the myriad of building companies to choose from and recommend this fantastic team to all. The differentiators we saw initially in Maddren Homes when compared to others was a locally owned business with a tight-knit team and focus on programming their selected high quality subcontractors to deliver fantastic homes. Those perceptions became a reality as our build was a quick easy, stress free process that left our neighbours astounded as we moved in 4 weeks ago while they are all many months from doing the same. Many thanks to our site supervisor, Jamie for non-stop communication,  also Rodger for swapping beer recipes on the way. Also to the team in the background Andy, Jacqui, Terena, and the rest.

Richard and Mel.

Brought in on budget and ahead of schedule

I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude of a job well done to Maddren Homes Ltd. They set the bar pretty high for us and if we were ever to build again Maddren would be the one we use. We can’t express enough how delighted we are that their experience and commitment to deliver brought our build in on budget and not only that but ahead of schedule. I highly commend them for the trades people they use and the team they have in their company, they made for us what can be a stressful journey genuinely exciting and enjoyable.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to express to you and to especially thank Jake Griffith our site manager who’s communication, organisational skills, ability to be professional yet friendly and genuine desire to deliver the product I wanted, how I wanted it and to a quality of the highest standard really impressed me and gave me a lot of confidence throughout the build. He really is an asset to Maddren and I would happily have him managing a build for me again.

A big thank you too Kate, Hannah, Jacqui, Terena, Tony, Rodger and everyone who keeps the cogs moving in the back ground for the excellent job you do.

Michael and Anna, Auckland

No nasty surprises

Building a new house has the potential to be the most stressful thing you can ever do. It was our first time and we weren’t sure about how it will go. However, we’re really pleased to have chosen Maddren Homes as they made the whole process enjoyable and fun. The team at Maddren is quite prompt, honest and upfront with their communication. There were no nasty surprises and because we were happy with the quality of products they supplied, we didn’t feel the need to upgrade or change them which saved us time and money. Our Site Supervisor Jake was professional, kept us well-informed throughout the process and made sure that all questions were answered in a timely manner. He managed the build really well and that literally took out all the stress from the process. Things were on schedule throughout and the house was handed over to us well before the estimated completion date.

It’s a well-knit team at Maddren Homes and that reflects in their quality of workmanship. The house is just great and we love every moment in it. We’d happily recommend Maddren Homes to anyone looking to build.

Mayank & Shivani

I enjoyed the whole experience.

Thanks Maddrens,

Well we did it! Building a home is not something to take on lightly and we did our homework and looked at numerous show homes, magazines and spoke to a lot of trades people. Now there is a saying that “you only get what you pay for”. I believe this to be the case with Maddren.

Yes there are companies out there that promise they can do it cheaper and there is a reason for that “Quality”. The quality of our finished home is exceptional every little detail is perfect and anything we needed to change along the way was never an issue. They bent over backwards to make the process as stress free as possible and I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole experience.

There wasn’t a moment in time when I didn’t know what was happening we were well informed about every step. I have never seen such a team of people who are as house proud, as the new owners. Not only did they come up with ideas to make things better along the way but they did it off their own backs and came to us with their suggestions even if it took hours of their time to find solutions.

I would like to thank the whole team at Maddren and especially big thanks to our building supervisor Sean and also to Rodger and Hannah on an amazing experience that I will remember for as long as I live. Hopefully our home will go on to give other families great pleasure years down the track.

What they have created for us is a masterpiece our vision has now become a reality and my husband and I can’t thank them enough. But the best thing of all is I feel like they treat their clients like family. If I ever build again there is only one company that I would use and that’s Maddren.

Thanks again so much,  Maria and Richard

The build process was stress free

“We selected Maddren Homes for 2 reasons, one was because Maddren had a design that was already very close to what we had in mind and would fit perfectly with our building site, and the second was that the Maddren consultant (Stuart) was genuinely interested in helping us through the decision making process including responding to many many questions, ensuring that we stuck to our budget, and all without the uncomfortable hard sell. We felt very comfortable dealing with Maddren right from the outset. The decision to select Maddren to build our home was therefore very easy for us to make.

Maddren is a long standing family owned & operated company, and we benefited from their strong customer focus. The build process was stress free, and we were always kept up to date with regular progress reports and the project was very well managed. 

Maddren ensured that the scope of the build was as fine tuned as possible before the Contract was signed, minimising the possibility for cost overruns and time delays caused by things that we would have had to include later at additional cost to us, not to mention negatively impacting on the final build date. We feel so good about our dealings with Maddren, and their quality build, that we openly promote them to our fiends and workmates.”

Richard & Margarita

"Back in the early to mid-90's”

"Back in the early to mid-90's our family purchased a kitset home to be built on Niue Island. This style of home was designed for tropical conditions and to withstand the elements. Our family have been using this home as our holiday home and over the years it has withstood the harsh tropical elements and survived Cyclone Heta back in 2006. We are very, very pleased how our home looks today.  Yes, it does need a water blast and lick of paint to freshen it up. Thanks again our home is a true testament of your product." 


It was 'Home' from the moment we moved in.

“A very good morning to the Team at Maddrens - we would like you all to know how much we love the new house you built for us.  It was 'Home' from the moment we moved in. Our first point of contact with Maddrens, was a pleasure and we were certainly pointed in the right direction with our planning.  I must say I was very doubtful about the lounge ceiling, but I was assured that it was the best thing to do and they were right!  Everyone comments on that ceiling!

During our build we found it very easy to communicate with all the staff we dealt with and our requests were never a problem, especially the many variations..

Shaun, our Site Supervisor, was so helpful during the build, nothing was a problem. Shaun always went out of his way to ensure we were happy with what was happening - thanks Shaun. And of course we could not leave this without a mention of Rodger: always happy and obliging, and our first point of contact at the office, Kim - thank you both.  

We should comment on what a splendid new building you have in Kumeu - it is very impressive.  You will surely all be enjoying such a nice workplace.  

Again, our sincere thanks for building our lovely home.”

Margaret & Ron

We loved the team!

At the beginning of 2013 we purchased the section we wished to build on. We were quite clear on what our family’s needs were and what we wanted in a home. With this in mind, we set off doing the rounds of the building companies as well as individual builders to find the best-fit for us.  This was no short process. We needed to be able to compare apples with apples as best we could and it took months of discussions with several companies before making our decision.

We chose Maddren because we wanted good pricing (without shortcuts and an inferior quality build) and ultimately because we loved the team. Building a home is both an investment of considerable money and an investment in your dreams. A powerful combination. Our initial contact through Phil Taylor, himself an engineer was fantastic. He had the expertise to help guide us through the design possibilities whilst looking at the contours (and therefore constraints) of the land.

From that point on, we were in the hands of experts. In the office, Hannah answered any pricing and product inquiries. Our site and build manager Keagan Anderson was hands-on, dealing quickly and efficiently with issues before they could become problems, listening to us and involving us through the entire project. We finished on budget and slightly before the estimated completion date.

Maddren offers an affordable, quality build. Maddren also offers an excellent team to work with to deliver the home you want. We had a great experience with Maddren from initial concept through to the post- check following possession of our new home.

Steve and Catherine

First class tradesmen

"If you are looking for a building company that will provide you with a home built with quality materials and by experienced tradesmen, then we would suggest you give Maddren Homes a call. We came across Maddren quite by chance at the Millwater development at Silverdale after doing the rounds of numerous other building companies. Tony Anderson, the director of the company, was extremely helpful from the onset; he took us all around the Millwater development until we acquired the section that best suited our needs in terms of visual aspect and budget. Over the last 12 months (yes, it does take that long) he and his team have built us a house that is not only stunning in its design, but has the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that can only be described as first class. There were occasions when things did not go according to plan resulting in delays to the build.  In most cases these were quickly rectified with no effect on either the quality or the original design concept.

Taking all of this into account we would have no hesitation in recommending Maddren Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. We would like to mention also the contribution of Rodger Scott and his team: Steve, Hannah and Kim, Keegan our supervisor, Matt and Brian our builders, and also the many first class tradesmen who contributed to the building of our home."

Larraine & David

This was a "stress-free" build

"Having purchased a section in Riverhead, I researched local builders and spent some time visiting show homes and speaking with representatives.  From the outset the quality of the Maddren homes stood out.  This was backed up by a very experienced and friendly sales person who visited the site and offered ideas, suggestions, basic plans and costs to guide us in our selection of floor plans and materials.   All queries were answered promptly and during the building process we were impressed with not only the quality and speed of the build, but also the efficient manner of the project manager, who was always available to discuss any issue.     We are delighted with the finished product.  This was a "stress-free" build, and we are very pleased to have chosen Maddren homes."  


A truly fantastic home

From our first meetings with Phil and Tony we were impressed with their expertise and commitment to meeting our needs. Maddren's obsession with quality and detail has resulted in a truly fantastic home. We have exactly the house we wanted, without any stress during the entire process. They incorporated all of our ideas, and added features with ease, nothing was ever a problem. Building a new home at Millwater with Maddren was an enjoyable experience, we recommend them without reservation.

Janet and Mark

Cosy and Quality

When we approached Maddren Homes with the idea to build a Minor Dwelling on our property we were impressed with the friendliness and co-operation of the staff.

During the building process the Supervisor, Keegan was extremely helpful and understanding of any concerns we had. Nothing was too much trouble and he always kept in close contact with us.

Our family are very happy in their cosy quality home and we have no hesitation in recommending Maddren Homes to prospective home owners.

Jeremy and Briar

Getting us into our home pre-Xmas

Just a note to thank you and the team at Maddren Homes for a fine effort in the construction of our new home at 33 Bernard Magnus Lane, Greenhithe.

We are delighted with both the overall quality of the build and with the finish detail.

We were very appreciative of your efforts in getting us into our home pre-Xmas – after a very wet winter (with the consequent impact on the build program). It was always going to be a near run thing, but you pulled the stops and got us in.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Maddren Homes to anyone else who may be considering building a new home.

Thanks again

Simon and Angela

Like us you will never be disappointed

From the very first email enquiry sent, we have felt nothing is too difficult for Maddren Homes.

The communication is amazing (especially from Fabulous Phil) and everyone is so positive and friendly. No one member of the team has ever questioned our choices or made us feel that any enquiry is too minor.

Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none, and in this fast paced world, it is certainly a pleasant surprise to find a company with a team so close-knit and dedicated to doing their very best for their clients and each other. We are nearly ready to pour the concrete slab, and so far everything is going exactly to plan and ahead of schedule! For a quality build and incredible service, we would absolutely recommend you choose Maddren Homes.   Like us, you will never be disappointed that you did.