How to shave 2 weeks off your build

Meet Jacqui. Technically she’s our Council Liaison Officer, but in reality she’s the lady at the center of every single build project; micro-managing the build schedule and working hard behind the scenes to get council consents approved quickly and keeping every build project on time and on track. “I love project managing and working with an awesome team, but most importantly getting a house built on time and knowing we’ve exceeded our clients expectations with the experience”.

While Jacqui’s spreadsheet abilities are one of her fortes, it’s her Yoda-like wisdom of Auckland Council’s online consent process that makes her invaluable. A few short years ago, 2,000 pages of a single building consent application literally had to be hand delivered to Auckland Council, then nearly a month of waiting for approval ensued before a build could begin.  

This manual, drawn-out process was painful for everyone involved, especially the clients who were keen as jellybeans to have their house built. So you can imagine how chuffed we were when Maddren was invited by the Council to be the first building company in the Rodney District to be part of a small, select group of qualified partners to get fast-tracked consents through a new electronic submission portal.

They knew we were always diligent in providing the correct information and consistently meeting their application standards, and it paid off. While most building companies have to wait the standard 20 days for consent approval, Maddren have priority check-in on our applications and a direct link to council. This not only speeds up the process and gives us a real person at council to discuss applications with, but these efficiencies have seen up to 2 weeks shaved off a build project. And it’s Jacqui who’s at the center of this process.

Like a conductor of an orchestra, she coordinates the entire building team, quantity surveyors and sub contractors to get the right information at the right time to make music and get houses built. It’s a beautiful thing and we really couldn’t do it without her. Good on you Jacqui!