We loved the team!

At the beginning of 2013 we purchased the section we wished to build on. We were quite clear on what our family’s needs were and what we wanted in a home. With this in mind, we set off doing the rounds of the building companies as well as individual builders to find the best-fit for us.  This was no short process. We needed to be able to compare apples with apples as best we could and it took months of discussions with several companies before making our decision.

We chose Maddren because we wanted good pricing (without shortcuts and an inferior quality build) and ultimately because we loved the team. Building a home is both an investment of considerable money and an investment in your dreams. A powerful combination. Our initial contact through Phil Taylor, (himself and engineer) was fantastic. He had the expertise to help guide us through the design possibilities whilst looking at the contours (and therefore constraints) of the land.

From that point on, we were in the hands of experts. In the office, Hannah answered any pricing and product inquiries. Our site and build manager, Keegan Anderson was hands-on, dealing quickly and efficiently with issues before they could become problems, listening to us and involving us through the entire project. We finished on budget and slightly before the estimated completion date.

Maddren offers an affordable, quality build. Maddren also offers an excellent team to work with to deliver the home you want. We had a great experience with Maddren from initial concept through to the post- check following possession of our new home.

Steve and Catherine

Keegan Anderson