House & Land Combos


If you envisage living in a quality Home built with modern materials and crafted by a tradition of building award winning homes, then a house and land combo could be the solution....

House and land combos combine the comfort of owning land with the freedom that comes with designing your own home plan. Your customisation possibilities extend beyond the home itself, allowing you to choose both where the windows are and the view they look out to.

Maddren offers those who are seeking to find a special place in a sea of hard choices and compromises, an easy process to secure the home of their dreams in the location of their desire. We have added our experienced touch to numerous new development localities across the Auckland region and beyond, always with the goal of creating something that is of excellent quality and outstanding value.

Our selection of residential estates to build within has always been just as important and well thought through as the homes we build. As part of our vision we are continually matching our latest design styles and plans to the community vibe and the core community needs that exist in each estate. 

You can rest assured that if Maddren is building there, then the estate is one that has wide ranging appeal for buyers of all ages

Quality, value and innovation - it's what we know and it's what we do. We've been building homes for Kiwi families for over 100 years, and we know what Kiwi families are looking for. Building a new home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, and we understand that getting the best value for your money is important, hence the Combo option.

The bottom line is that buying a land and house combo offers complete control. Whether you’re starting small and looking to build something special over time or know exactly what you want from the start, you may be surprised to find that the perfect land and house combo is well within your reach.