Growing Home


Love your neighbourhood but not your house? Have you outgrown your existing house? Thinking about doing major renovations?...

You and your family are settled in your home, you have great neighbours and the children are settled in school. You don’t want to uproot your family and have to endure the great hunt for a new property in the current Auckland property market. Or your family may have outgrown the current house or there may be some design and layout flaws that you would love to correct.

You may be surprised but “Remove and Rebuild’ can be more cost effective than renovating. The whole process is easier and more affordable than you may think. Whether you replace the home you’re living in now, or you simply buy an old home to demolish and build the home of your dreams, you end up with the joy of living in a totally new home, with no compromises.

You work with a Maddren Design and Build Consultant to achieve a functional design with wow factor that suits your lifestyle, with a design that complements your site and the neighbourhood. Maddren also takes care of all council, zoning and planning requirements.

With Maddren, you can get the home you really want on the site you know and love! 

After visiting several show homes and conversations with prospective building companies, my wife and I came to the conclusion that Maddrens not only offered a vision of design and fitout that coincided closely to what we were after, but also offered an engagement as partners who would actively support us throughout the process.
— Tim Gilbert