Insulation worth its weight in Gold

Anyone who has spent a winter in a classic New Zealand villa knows insulation is worth its weight in gold, good insulation is substantially more complex than pink batts in the wall. There is noise transmission, fire requirements and a wide range of product to consider. That’s why this months Tradie of the month is Seuma Anitelea from Premier Insulation.

Matching needs with product takes knowledge and experience, two things Seuma has a lot of. Add to that a great installation team who do a top job every time and you start to see why we value Seuma so highly. With Premier Insulation, good advice is always on hand and very forthcoming. Their products are covered by warranty and all of the correct documents are supplied to Council and the homeowner with an insulation plan of what was installed where.

For us, Seuma is a great example of what Premier Insulation stand for; a great team that from beginning to end give you a smashing blend off efficient, skilled and speedy service.

Thanks for all your commitment and hard work Seuma, enjoy your voucher from our proud sponsor Western ITM.

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