There’s much to be said for German craftsmanship

We build houses to last, with craftsmanship that is still evident as the years roll by, and that means right down to each and every fitting inside. A favourite of ours are the Grohe Eurosmart tapware and mixers. We use them not just for their stunning design, but their long history of being a trusted, reliable and high-quality brand that genuinely walks their talk.

Grohe has been producing premium sanitary fittings for 83 years in Germany and in fact, was voted the country’s number one most trusted brand in 2015 by consumers. There’s much to be said for German craftsmanship, but these guys are the real deal in that every product undergoes a staggering 30 quality checks before its approved for market and then is backed up by a 15 year warranty.

Keeping tradition alive within contemporary design is what Maddren do best, and Grohe share those same values in their design. The EuroSmart range is designed for modern living; with design that flows and adapts naturally to real life but without losing its character. This new range has been crafted with the same quality and excellence that signify Grohe, for people who want to effortlessly match price and performance with design.

They invented beer, make damn fine sausages, and are renowned for their car manufacturing, but the Germans are also pretty crafty in designing and engineering premium tapware too.