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A rare find

It’s rare to find someone who is so good at what they do, that customers never get let down. Mark Little from Robertson Bathware is one of those rare finds. It’s his 30 plus years experience combined with his incredible problem-solving abilities, that have seen him take home the Maddren Homes Tradie of the Month award.

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Keeping it all on track

Keeping a complex renovation project on track to a high standard, and the designer and client happy can be quite the task. But for builder Josh Grant, it’s what he does best. And it’s these qualities, along with his attention to detail and communication skills, that have earned him the Maddren Homes Tradie of the Month. Josh and his team are so good at what they do, a house they built won gold at the 2017 Master Builder Awards. Having a guy like Josh in the construction team, who sets the bar high and consistently delivers, is something to be proud of and deserves recognition, says Maddren Homes. Josh’s stellar work ethic has seen him walk away with a voucher from equally proud sponsor, Western ITM. Good on you Josh.

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