The build up of Huapai

The future is looking bright for Huapai. Some exciting changes are on track for northwest Auckland with the government's announcement that the $6billion light rail program will most likely include Huapai-Kumeu. Cue fist pump from residents and developers. Along with plans for improved public transport transport for Rodney, Huapai and Kumeu residents have a new school, indoor sports court and plans for a town centre also to look forward to.

Opening in January 2019 in Kumeu, Matua Ngarua will be one of seven new primary schools that have been funded along with 11 others approved for Auckland. Local Rodney Board has also prioritised plans for developing the Huapai-Kumeu town centre; improving community areas, shared spaces and developing public walkways and cycle tracks.

Country lifestyle living has evolved over the past decade with modern, new residential developments spilling into the outer regions. And the appeal is only getting stronger. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying that extra bit of space is a key element for our clients, in addition to having a brand new home that fits their lifestyle.

A further 30,000 people are expected in the area over the next 30 years, coinciding with plans for an additional 25,000 more homes built to cater for them. It was always a matter of time until the infrastructure would catch up with the housing, so it's really exciting that momentum is now picking up. And it’s not just about a beautiful new home in the country, but having a community to be a part of and a safe place for the kids to grow up in. We love being a part of this picture and helping create these communities for generations to come.


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