Excited for what the future holds

Having built myself, I knew the excitement of receiving the set of house keys to your brand new house. So when I’m in the position to be at my first hand over, when a client receives theirs, it will have been worth it to see their faces in that same moment.  

Last month I joined Maddren as a New Home Coordinator, officially starting my career journey in the building industry. I’m currently building up my knowledge and understanding of the industry, and in about six months time will have earned my stripes and be a fully fledged Design and Build Sales Consultant, able to guide clients on the journey to their dream home.

One thing that’s stood out to me while being at Maddren, is how supportive and accommodating they've been to my own family circumstances. I have a young family and my youngest has only just started school, and so having flexibility around hours was important for me.

There’s a strong sense of family here, probably as it’s a family business with many family members actively working in the company. They’ve also been really patient with me, answering all my questions while I learn as much as I can about how they work, the industry and multitude of materials. It’s been really clear since being here that I’m on the right path, with the right company.

We share the same values of quality and putting people first, so I’m excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to get started.

- Nita Wong