Two days to handover

At the beginning of this year my husband and I engaged Maddren Homes to build our new home in Huapai.  From start to finish it has been a fantastic experience.  Half way through the build we had a 2 month trip overseas during which time Madden continued with the project leaving us confident and with no concerns the build would continue as scheduled. They communicated with us occasionally to ensure things were being completed as agreed.  They even made one or two improvements.  

Two days before handover it was discovered that a faulty tap had leaked from the kitchen sink causing water damage to the floor, this wasn’t anyone’s fault other than a faulty tap and despite everything sometimes issues happen which can’t be helped.  It is at times like this when building companies show their true worthiness, Maddren and the tradespeople they work with were fantastic! Although replacement flooring had to be ordered our move still went ahead as planned.  Even with a slightly water damaged floor our home was absolutely beautiful.  

Four weeks later, tradespeople came in and replaced the damaged floor.  Three days had been scheduled for the work, all of which was completed in less than two.  The Tradespeople organised by Maddren blew us away with their workmanship, professionalism and care. 

What started out as an unfortunate disappointment became a huge positive, we appreciate things can and do go wrong and nothing is perfect. The way Maddren and their tradespeople handled this situation by far exceeded our expectations and gave us confidence knowing we had chosen the best company to build our new home. 

It’s how a company manages and deals with issues that really matter. We know we chose the best company to build our new home and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or choose them again in the future.

Mick & Julie

Maddren Homes