Going the extra mile

Congratulations to Brooke from Hydrotech who is our Tradie of the Month.

Going the extra mile is nothing new for Brooke from Hydrotech, but this month it's earned her Maddren Homes' Tradie of the Month.

When an urgent CCTV drainage investigation was needed she was right onto it; proactively completing the job in under 24 hours which meant it was submitted to council on time and kept the building project on track.

 Recognising exceptional work creates a positive culture among the hardworking tradesmen, something that both sponsors Western ITM and Maddren Homes are proud to call an industry first.

Well done Brooke and Hydrotech, keep up the great work!

Maddren Homes would also like to thank Western ITM for their continued support to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Tradies.